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by Olita Charlie

Secrets How to Rule Polyvore as a Creative Composer

Read this article only after you've self-confirmed as an apt and inspired Polyvore Creative Composer. If not, you won't be happy continuing... trust us! Facebook as a social media platform may make a better fit or even Pinterest; Polyvore is for the creative heart.

Before proceeding, read this article to see if Polyvore is the right fit for you.

If you've come to the conclusion based on the creative abilities required as outlined in the above article that Polyvore is the right fit for you, then below are reasons why you should use Polyvore. And you absolutely should, and you're in the right place! 


  • Polyvore accounts for 20% of social retail conversations. (via MasonInteractive)
  • Average order purchased via Polyvore is about $220. (via Social Fresh)
  • 1 billion monthly set impressions (via Social Fresh)
  • There are over 20 million users on Polyvore (via Social Fresh)
  • 2.4 million sets are created each month (via Social Fresh)
  • People are sharing sets: 43% of set impressions occur on social networks and blogs (via Social Fresh)

What are the best ways to use Polyvore to build the best brand exposure and increase sales?

We like to keep things simple, and we have narrowed the categories down into three items: create, collaborate, persist.

Of course, right yea, sure, this is the recipe for almost everything. Yes, yoda...and below we've taken the time to break down what exactly this means in Polyvore, and we included some work hacks that could help you dominate Polyvore without spinning the hands of precious time. 


1. Get Clippin'

If you're using Chrome, download the Polyvore Clipper. Add as many products as possible from your site to Polyvore. Clip, clip, clip... 

2. Create a dynamic, inspired collage with your goods.

Make sure to browse and take note of the best collages on Polyvore, and inject your creativity into a similar layout. 

Here is a link to Polyvore basics. You'll see the infinite possibilities real quick - but don't let your mind overwhelm you - let your creative spirit loose and have fun. Everything is a game in this world, but make sure the mark you leave is one you're proud of! 


As with all social media platforms, one thing you must do on Polyvore is be active... Yet there are many ways to be active and some have a higher return than others. We have broken down collaboration into two different methods: rote collaboration and strategic collaboration. Both are necessary, but strategic collaboration could provide a higher rate of return in promoting your content. 

1. Rote Collaboration

This includes actions you can take on the go without your mind doing any work: liking other sets, following other users and commenting. 

We outline a recommendation for the time to spend on this in the PERSIST section. 

2. Strategic Collaboration

This includes sitting down in a coffee shop with your favorite latte and brainstorming. Here are some ideas:  

a. Scout, contact, and introduce yourself and your products to prominent Polyvore users.

Politely ask the user if they would be interested in including your products in their stores in exchange for a discount or for you to include their products in your sets. If you select to do the latter, make sure they are aligned with you and you do not compete with what they are selling. 

b. Share your items on Pinterest!!

This is a great article on how to use Pinterest with Polyvore.

c. Join Groups.  

But don't just join them, contact and introduce yourself to group hosts, and ask if there is anything you could help with. Graciousness and lending help before asking for anything is a better and usually more rewarding approach! 

Engage other users in that group - share some of their sets with other groups and contact them personally to let them know. Then when you have an ask, it's much easier to make the approach... 

d. Join Contests

Here is how to find contests on Polyvore to join!


Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
- Calvin Coolidge

OK, so there is something called the 80/20 rule, and to not be redundant and spew obvious and often overstated tid-bits, real quick, the 80/20 rule states: find out what works and focus 80% of your time doing it and 20% of your time on the supporting structure.

In this case, promotion of your products is the name of your game on Polyvore. Creating 5 sets a day will not help you if no one sees it. On a flipside, creating 5 horribly designed sets will absolutely hurt you - not what we want. 

So, focus, quality, and consistency is key. 

We would recommend creating one set a week and make it super quality and super cool. Make sure you're very, very proud of your work. Producing good work will elevate your sense of self (this would make a terrific post in itself, duly noted).

After your set is complete and you're beaming with the excellency of your mad, creative skills, spend the remaining days of the week on promotion. Now, back up. We are not saying to spend all day every day on Polyvore.

We would recommend devoting a block of your time daily to Polyvore and breaking that block up by the ratio of 1 part creation: 4 parts promotion.

Now, we would recommend this: stop reading how-tos and go take action. Bon courage!

Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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