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Do you enjoy crafting creative stories?  Do you want to earn money writing about artists? 

We are a collective of creative professionals, writers, rebels, and artists that believe in propagating a culture that supports the beautiful artistry and effort made by individuals (creative entrepreneurs).  

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How it works: 

1) Discover talented artists and designers working in your city and online. 

2) Submit their work for approval to CreativeTeam@ArtUrbane.com. An Art Urbane representative will contact them & feature their artwork for sale on Art Urbane. 

3) Write a creative story about the artist. 

4) Receive 10% commission every time their works sells!



We are a community of creative entrepreneurs that collaborate to support artists and increase online exposure through creative storytelling.


(We are currently in Beta and the platform is free for a limited time only!)


Discover artists, write creative content, earn money. 



What we are looking for: 

- Artists & Designers: visual artists, creative jewelers, sculpture, handmade home goods, creative furniture design, unique handmade, fashion accessories

- Writing form: interviews with artists and designers, artwork or design reviews, creative process stories, exceptional writing, unique perspectives, clear streams of creative conscious 

What we are not looking for: 

- Antiques, bad designs, poems or works of fiction (although we love them and could talk Russian literature all day...

Please contact CreativeTeam@ArtUrbane.com with any questions!
"Aeschylus and Plato are remembered today long after the triumphs of Imperial Athens are gone. Dante outlived the ambitions of thirteenth century Florence. Goethe stands serenely above the politics of Germany, and I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over cities, we too will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit." - John F. Kennedy