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Online art sales jumped 24% last year to a high of $3.27 billion. 


Online luxury good sales have grown 27% year over year from 2009 to 2014. 

*from Hisox 4th Annual 2016 Report in partnership with the art market research firm ArtTactic.










But, there are BIG problems facing small, creative eCommerce brands and artists: 

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, more than 90% of all Internet business start-ups fail within the first 120 days.


Here are the main reasons they fail and our solutions to those problems.
Our solutions are not band-aids, our aim is flip over the table. 


Problem #1 - Limited financial resources, the rising costs of marketing and the increased levels of competition.

Brand recognition and consistent streams of customer traffic are vital. Financial resources and time are paramount to maintain a flow of customer traffic and compete in the marketplace. 

Solution #1  Art Urbane provides you with a built-in sales and marketing department. All creative entrepreneurs represent each others artwork, and you will get paid when a CE sells one of your artists work. The larger Art Urbane grows, the larger your opportunity to make passive income. 

Art Urbane is not built on competition rather collaboration - our competitive advantage and strength comes from creative professionals working together and leveraging that creative network.  


Problem #2  An unwillingness to develop and act on daily and weekly success habits - undermining the work necessary to succeed.

MYTH: Thinking an online business will succeed by having a website.  

Solution #2  Art Urbane provides all Creative Entrepreneurs a marketing blue print and Success Formula.  We may not offer you the keys to success, but we do know what the road looks like.  The Success Formula guides you to formulate working habits that are enjoyable and exist on your schedule.  We are strong believers in optimizing our time, and we share the many ways you can work effectively. 


Problem #3  Burn out is real and is caused by all the above, but mostly when working to build an eCommerce business alone.

Solution #3  Art Urbane manages all the back-end logistics - we are essentially your business administration department. Your focus is scouting talent, on-boarding the artists, marketing to your network, and we guide you through and provide the steps to do everything. You are not starting from scratch - we've built the infrastructure for you to continue building upon

You don't do the heavy lifting alone.  

Problem #4  Not having access to the right creative talent.


Solution #4  Curate your store from a selection of over 3,000 art and add creative talent to share with the community. 




But down to the bottom line, how do you make money?  


On Art Urbane, you act in two capacities: 1. as an Artist Representative and 2. as a Creative Storefront Owner. 


You make money in three ways:

1. As a Creative Storefront Owner, you curate your store from the +3,000 artworks, designs and fashion accessories from the Art Urbane Gallery. You make money when you sell from your store. 

2. As an Artist Representative, your job is to find creative talent, whether online or in your city, to add to the Gallery. You will be equipped with the tools to invite, onboard and represent artists on Art Urbane. When you represent an artist on Art Urbane, you make money when other Creative Entrepreneurs sell your artists work. This is a strong passive income opportunity. 

3. The third way you make money is when you invite a Creative Entrepreneur to Art Urbane, you receive 5% from all their store sales. The is the second passive revenue stream opportunity on Art Urbane. 


Art Urbane provides you with the creative platform, tools, talent and the network you need to build the business of your dreams.