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by Olita Charlie

4 Creative Skills You Must Have to Dominate Polyvore as an Artist or Creative Entrepreneur

By Olita Charlie with Art Urbane

Before you dive into a social platform, I’d highly recommend selecting the platform based on the requirements of your day to day or week to week involvement and how much you like doing those tasks routinely. Yes, we millennials are often condemned for wanting and almost requiring fun on the job… but regardless of the social platform you choose, you need to routinely work at the same thing which usually means doing the same tasks, and you might as well like doing it.

Stop reading business blogs advising you on how to grow 1000x, and instead, focus and do consistently what you most enjoy. Before you select a social media platform, think about what each social media platform is going to require of you every single day. Select the platform with the daily tasks you like or, at the very least, tasks not in contrast with your modus operandi.

Below I’ve attempted to capture the nature of your day to day and the characteristics of creative people that would most thrive on Polyvore. The goal is to help you discover if Polyvore is the right pea in your creative pod, the right colored feather in your unique quill.

Users of Polyvore fall in 2 different camps, not mutually exclusive:

1. Shoppers

2. Creative Composers

Creative Composers have mad chops specific to the creative demands of Polyvore. Polyvore refers to their boards as “mood boards”, which is fair, but we think it underplays the tools and creative breadth that Polyvore offers creative entrepreneurs or artists.

What makes Polyvore different from other social platforms is your growth is directly tied to you or your brands ability to create well-composed, aesthetically beautiful boards. If you suck at design but really think you should be on Polyvore, hire someone.

Your profile growth on Polyvore is directly linked to your ability to create visual, beautiful layouts, not catchy phrases.

Below are a few characteristics of top Creative Composers on Polyvore:


in the realms of fashion, accessories, home decor, and furniture. In our opinion, the most interesting boards combine fashion with a visual story of a well-composed lifestyle.

For example, we love the following by Polyvore Creative Composer art-gives-me-life. Please know the below selection falls very much under the style of Art Urbane — we tend to favor the avant-garde:

Created by art-gives-me-life on Polyvore


Another characteristic of the Creative Composer is an internal desire to color code patterns with solids, solids with solids & textures with patterns, etc… As a designer on Polyvore, your goal is to breath life into a setting and create a playground for beautiful objects to co-exist in stylized harmony. For some of us, this unique ability comes naturally.

Created by lenadecor on Polyvore


If the best Creative Composers today were working in the 90s, they would be designing the pages of Vogue magazine. Lucky for you, we no longer need to climb the learning curve and amass the technical know-how of using Adobe InDesign or Photoshop to create stunning image compositions. Apart from a great platform to market your creative goods, Polyvore is an excellent online canvas with free tools to make any visual composition possible.

Created by larissa-k on Polyvore

4. The Patience to Create & Self-Belief to Endure

Growing an online business, you are faced with two conflicting demands: to produce quality content and to produce a lot of it. You can quickly tell a blog that chooses quantity over quality, and one day you will get to the point where you are big enough to produce both. But right now, if you are a growing small business, we highly recommend quality over quantity in content any day.

And creating quality anything takes time and to spend the time to create quality, I’d say it’s a pretty important pre-requisite that you like what you’re doing. We created this article to breakdown the personality traits of a rockstar Creative Composer on Polyvore, because it requires a certain type of person to want to do it — which again means everything in terms of actually doing it.

We encourage you to evaluate whether or not you would be happy developing and exercising the above mentioned creative skills. Does it come natural? If not, would you enjoy cultivating them? If so, then you are more likely to believe in yourself and have the patience to create quality consistenly.


As Creative Entrepreneurs, we have many avenues to choose from to grow our business, and we must choose the right one for the type of person we are, not what a X, Y blogger thinks you should do. If you love the idea of exercising the creative skills mentioned above, then you will grant yourself time every day or every week to consistently create a board that is awesome, inspiring and, from that, you’ll grow.

There are many paths, and there is no right path to grow your business. As a creative entrepreneur or artist, choose the marketing path that compliments who you are.

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Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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