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by Olita Charlie


Which Art Period Matches your Creative Personality?

Artists can be considered the first reactionaries to cultural disruptions, pulling off the veil of the old ways, and visually illustrating the new in art. And what is most interesting is as art progressed stylistically it also directly represented a shift in cultural, philosophical thought. However, what we found is that the progression of each cultural shift in thought did not quantitatively match the progression of technology and machines. In other words, although we evolved in technology, our thought shifts over time were simply just different ways of thinking and not progressively better than any thinking done before. Belief is belief, however, belief can certainly be grounded in scientific reasoning ... or not. 

We created the quiz "Which Art Period Matches your Creative Personality?" because we think thought patterns are not categorically progressive, but are different ways of thinking and believing. And we think your internal beliefs define your external expressions in fashion, architecture, literature and fine art style preferences. 

We hope you learn more about who you are, and also gain insight into the fascinating shifts in thought and art throughout time. 


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Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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