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by Olita Charlie

Artist, Jonathan Zawada bends the laws of nature

"In order to understand the universe, you must know the language in which it is written and that language is mathematics."  

As lay coders but philosophy enthusiasts, we can say with certainty that not all computer programming involves mathematics. However, mathematics is a form of communication of the natural laws of logic as is nature the visual communication of fractals. 

Artist, Jonathan Zawada was a computer programmer, and technology and graphic design influenced his artistic career. However, Zawada's creative process is not ruled by the laws of technology, rather the opposite, they are tools for his creativity to use, play and expand upon. 

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein 

In Zawada's artwork there is an artistic playfulness with fractals. His artworks engineer and display vibrantly a unique translation of the laws of nature. 

What happens when an artist breaks laws and acts outside rules of logic?

other truths appear.

In an artistic medium, Jonathan Zawada tunes up and down the dials on the laws of nature and lands clearly and sharply on new creative forms. 

From Jonathan Zawada's Biography:

"Zawada’s practice is informed by his early roots in web design and coding and his further evolution into commercial graphic design, illustration and art direction and now includes object and furniture design, sculpture, video, installation and painting."

Limits simply don't exist for the truly creative mind, and he states, "Recently I’ve simply settled on the idea that I like to make things”. Beauty lies in making, in tuning. 

Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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