Glitter in photography? Yes, please. - Art Urbane

by Olita Charlie

Glitter in photography? Yes, please.

Glitter. Why is glitter sooo alluring? Regardless of how we evolutionarily evolved to love glitter, the collages of photographer Kelly Maker take glitter to level in photography we haven't quite seen before.

Captured by a 35mm camera, and both digitally enhanced and crafted by hand, Kelly's photography is a consequence of years of self-teaching, which has cultivated a unique, refreshing style. Although Kelly has worked with various companies on commercial campaigns her style is more artistic than most, which has placed her smack-middle and most popular in Australia's art scene. 

Kelly aims "to capture her subject in a unique way, focusing on whats within and without, understanding that the model is both human and a work of art, waiting to be dressed up or dressed down, understood or confused through the lens."


Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


Always seeking bold individuals acting on profound, creative ideas

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