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by Olita Charlie

Korean Artist in Spotlight: Dani Soon 

content from Dani Soon's website 

Dani Soon was born in a small remote town in Korea in 1991. Living in such a remote town meant there was not much to do, so books and drawing became her biggest pastime enjoyment. Being at one with Mother Nature also allowed her imagination to run wild and the rustic environment had a critical impact on her decision to be an artist. Even though she now lives in a hectic city, she still draws inspiration from reading books and working outside which allows her to absorb her natural surroundings.

Dani continued her education at art school where the focus was on production design and film but Dani chose to work in illustration. She mostly works digitally.

At the age of 19, Dani created her own illustration blog and started to post her work on the Internet. This led to a number of exhibitions including ‘Beautiful Store’ a fund-raiser for post flood recovery efforts in Nepal and Bangladesh. She also recently exhibited at Samwon Paper Gallery in Seoul.

In her spare time, Dani likes to listen to music, read and watch films; she has even directed a short film! She also has two 11 year old dogs.


Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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