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by Olita Charlie

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Futuristic Art: Unknown Variables in Gold

The artistic interpretation of scientific concepts and the inclusion of scientific elements in art have been a thing throughout the history of civilization. In fact, the nexus between science and art — along with the two fields’ individual glories — is what accounts for the continuous advancement of societies to begin with. The peoples of ancient Egypt and the Maya civilization, to name a few outstanding bygone civilizations, applied their vast astronomical understanding in building their architectural feats that were their pyramids, for instance.

This interplay between science and art is not lost on Italian sculpture duo Cascione & Lusciov, formed by artists Roman Lusciov and Silvia Cascione. Their new series, “Into the Light,” is an inquiry into futurism using the constant concepts of time and space. The works in the series have non-representational forms and are made of bronze, which interestingly, as a write-up on the series notes, is an ancient material. Of particular note is the artworks’ fluid appearance notwithstanding the solidness of the material used. Perhaps the seeming amorphousness of the sculptures and their actual substantialness are the crux of Cascione & Lusciov’s idea of the future: that it is malleable owing to what we can still do in the present but also already fixed to a degree on account of what we have done in the past.

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Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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