A Colorful Apathy? || Artist: Alan Brown - Art Urbane


by Olita Charlie

A Colorful Apathy? || Artist: Alan Brown

Alan Brown paints in oil and watercolors and usually has a female subject as the centerpiece painted in realistic form with an expressionist’s color palette.

Alan Brown captures a female’s sensuality, almost freezing it in time, and although it’s not noticeable at first, the bodies of the painted subjects are not relaxed, and their eyes are either blank or fixing the viewer in an apathetic stare. It could almost be interpreted there's a trace of hostility behind a few blank stares. These characteristics signal a disconnection between the artist and the models of the paintings, and with this view, the colorful, pattern clothing of the subjects seems to be pieces placed onto them by the painter, not naturally existing - the models are almost painted as imagined objects. There are many possible interpretations of these paintings, where the truth known only in the mind of the artist adds a level of mystery that further deepens the images.

Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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