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by Olita Charlie

Murals to Classrooms: The Wall Art Project

From the Wall Art Project:

If there is a white wall, the desire to draw is in the nature of everyone who sees…
However, people don’t because they know that it is mischievous.

Murals to Classrooms: The Wall Art Project 

The Wall Art Project has brought creative mischief into many classrooms across Asia focused in the classrooms of “developing educational systems”.  They have commissioned numerous well-known artists to enlighten the educational experience of many children in impoverished neighborhoods. I think we could certainly benefit from this in America?!

What is beautiful is they have taken the commercial aspects away from creating art. They have hosted a Wall Art Festival in different communities, where artists are brought into a developing community to focus on painting the walls of a particular school.

The enthusiasm of the artist and the audience will be at the heart of this Festival.
The wall cannot be sold.
The picture won’t be left, remaining for only short time.
However, the spark of the moment at drawing and at erasing will live on forever.

We believe this creative, mischievous thinking is what we need more of in America.

A festival of art that has no possibility to be exhibited in a museum as it is. It is unique….

Now, all you social entrepreneurs in the world of “placemaking”, can we bring this to America? If you know of any organization, where bringing murals into classrooms is their mission statement, drop us a line at

Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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