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by Olita Charlie

Why Is There So Much Street Art in Brazil?

Have you noticed some of the best street art comes from Brazil? We’re not talking graffiti tagging, but bonafide murals painted to resurrect communities and color “the concrete jungle”.  Street art has the purpose of representing the communities of Brazil, putting forth an image of culture, whether it is dark or colorful. Street art is a reminder to a community of unification, psychological similarities or differences all within the same geographic diameter.

Street art was legalized in Brazil in 2009, meaning allowed by the city alongside the consent of the building’s owner of course.  In Rio de Janeiro, Street art is not confined to an economic area of lowliness, rather it spans across communities of all socioeconomic stances and purposes from commercial, industrial, touristic and residential, connecting them all. The city has allowed street art to define its communities.


For more information, we highly recommend this article -> The Legalization of Street Art in Rio de Janeiro by Michelle Young.

Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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