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by Olita Charlie

Artist, Valeriya Kutsan, calls herself an “Image Designer”

We stumbled across Valeriya Kutsan, a Russian make-up artist who brandishes herself “image designer”.  From Siberia, Valeriya recently finished a project with photographer, Alexander Khokhlov, where she painted faces to resemble 3D montages of color. As with many famous creatives, the only consistency one can universalize is immaculate execution of highly creative ideas. They nailed it.

We think creative make-up should become more mainstream. Make-up as an art form is largely untapped as a daily, individual form of self-expression. Why do we leave it to musicians to have all the fun? Or teenagers? Yes, strutting your Lady Gaga in real life may become taxing, but a more simple version of expressing the inner you with a more pronounced splash of color will only elevate and make the daily world more enchanting.

So ladies and creative gents, as you adorn your body this Halloween, do not forget a paintbrush and a make-up color palette. Although it is very unlikely you will reach the level of perfection of Valeriya Kutsan, we hope she inspires you. 

Visit Valeriya Kutsan’s portfolio:


Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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