Ghostly Murals by artist Li-Hall - Art Urbane

by Olita Charlie

Ghostly Murals by artist Li-Hall

Based in Brooklyn, Canadian visual artist Li-Hill paints ghostly depictions of angels and animals that on first glance seem to be moving. The transparent painting strokes freeze the images in mid-air, yet the sharp, wispy angles emanate from the works like light, causing the murals to appear more like projections than paintings.



In his large-scale murals, Li-Hill merges graffiti, graphic design, painting, and drawing to create complex images, often revealing an unsettling nature within his paused narratives. Li-Hill hopes to represent the effects that capitalist culture can have on the individual, and in his artist statement he explains, “The work mirrors the perception of the westerner attempting to comprehend, disentangle and redress. Born out of suppression, it becomes a manifestation portraying the skewed image of the imprint our culture has globally.”




Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


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