A Possible, False World - Art Urbane


by Olita Charlie

A Possible, False World

As technology advances and the human ability to create is given accessible, technological tools and mediums, the creative landscape is becoming a barrage of impossible, yet familiar worlds. We now have the ability to more visually and easily bring to life the allusions or delusions of the human imagination. Art is expanding.

Indonesian artist, Jati Putra has mastered creative, graphic abilities and crafts images that mesh the world of known probabilities and the falsification of psychical laws. With Jati Putra, we climb out of our atmosphere.



What is so familiar in these images is the proximity to a possible, yet false reality and a feeling that we are reaching the limits they present.


These images seem to be a resting place for the mind to feed the imagination its own spoon – to visualize a world in which we are more than operators – we are gods capable of manipulating space, and the laws of physics are noodles we turn with a fork.



Olita Charlie
Olita Charlie


Always seeking bold individuals acting on profound, creative ideas

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