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by Kayla Fletcher

Perception of Time 

“My style, my mark. It’s technique driven. Process driven. It began with the investigation of the mark-making capabilities of spray paint and has become an evolution.” ― Hoxxoh

Time is a relative variable in our existence. All activity in the Universe is based on a sense of time perception which includes measurements that can be ordered in the past, present and future. Douglas “Hoxxoh” Hoekzema is a Miami-based muralist that exhibits a mind-blowing style of geometric patterns, stimulating waves of color, and paint pendulum shapes to display a visual representation of time. The main theme for Hoxxoh’s work, “Time Waits for No Man,” addresses his captivation with the concept of time and mankind’s desire to track it.


Hoxxoh’s effort to recreate the concept of time using visual imagery shows his true appreciation for science and art. His complex mural designs are created freely by hand with aerosol spray paint, rarely ever touching the canvas or wall. Hoekzema’s mural work can be seen in public art spaces worldwide including Miami, San Francisco, New York, Vienna, and Bogotá.

He explained to Art Urbane,

My murals are a reaction to what the wall provides and wants. Currently, I have been focusing on color and soon there will be more of a focus on composition. In the past, I focused on circular consecutive rings and next year there will be a focus on the spiral. Consecutively, I will be installing murals that are directly influenced by my paint pendulum work.”

Particularly focused on process, Hoxxoh creates his distinct U-shaped designs by manipulating the angle of the spray can to form cones of paint. By repeating his unique color flare technique, it forms to create a natural rhythm and represents the structure of time. When asked how long it takes to create a large-scale mural Hoekzema replied, “Time is a bitch… I work fast but that’s what the technique asks for.” He added, “I have been learning and have realized that restraint is a life process.”

Humans likely created a concept for time to express an awareness that everything around us is constantly changing. Currently, we are the only known beings with the full capacity to understand time. Hoxxoh’s work can be observed as encouragement to break away from our own preconceptions of time and look at things from a different angle.

*Photos courtesy of Douglas Hoekzema


Kayla Fletcher
Kayla Fletcher


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