Tape - Art Urbane




Not all tapes twirl and dance, going forward and back. This Tape stops, linear and thin, vertical and slender. It is almost hidden and the wood seems to be suspended. That is the effect it produces: not impressive and sculpted, but unexpected and discreet.

Tape is a painted steel structure. This furnishing accessory is applied on the wall. It is not excessively deep, with a minimum bulk that maintains a good loading capacity. The fundamental characteristic of this structure is its essential nature: when fully loaded it becomes almost invisible, making the wood the most outstanding element.

L50 W20 H190 cm, White or Rust, Capacity approx. 65 kg, Log length min. 30 cm - max 45 cm, Weight 24,50 kg

Packaging: L193 W35 H9 cm

* Supplied in a ready-to assemble kit

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