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Stone Necklace

Lital Mendel

"BIGGER, BETTER, SHINIER. Diamonds have always been a rare and wanted commodity. They symbolized power, wealth, purity, beauty and eternity.

In this work I wanted to come up with a new and accessible replacement for diamonds that will bring people to look on things in a new perspective. My starting point was a common name for diamonds – stones. I decided to use stones I collected from the street and make them the center of my work, the thing to look on. People have the tendency to overlook the things that surround them. They don’t look down and see the beautiful details of the small, simple objects.

I decided to use simple technologies that will emphasize the special features of every stone, give it a shine and still allow it remain the main focus. I also wanted to keep the goldsmithing clean as possible and with natural finishing. The metal work is minimal, raw and rough, no finishes were made so the brass could be in his natural state and let time leave it's mark on it. There is no need to beautify things - The stones are perfect just the way they are.

Every stone is unique, a one-of-a-kind and to me that’s what makes it a real diamond."   - Lital Mendel

This jewelry design is shipped from Israel. Please provide two (2) to four (4) weeks for production and shipping.


Type: Jewelry

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