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Reaction Lamp

Nervous System

This 7" pendant lamp is covered by ridges and valleys that transmit different amounts of light when illuminated; they furnish a striking pattern whether the lamp is on or off.

We created the form by simulating a process where two chemicals diffuse across a surface and react with one another to form stable patterns. This process, reaction-diffusion, can be used to explain the intricate patterns found on the skin of many types of animals, from the spots of leopards to the radiating stripes of angelfish. Growing a pattern with different parameters can produce dramatically different results.

The lamp is 3d printed by means of Selective Laser Sintering. It comes complete with an eco-friendly 3W LED lighting fixture that will last for 8-10 years of continuous use and plugs into the wall.

     nylon with UV protective coating
     7 in diameter

Type: Design

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