Obelisk Necklace - Art Urbane

Obelisk Necklace

Lauren & Gracia

Handmade in the USA.

Materials and any relevant technique used:

Sterling silver and naturally dyed leather and Deerskin suede. An ancient European method of lost wax casting is used.

Dimensions: 16” in length, Toggle Closure. Obelisk is 2” in length .

The leather will soften over time with the natural oils of your skin and will retain its strength and beauty if kept free from water.

Item can ship within 2 weeks Item can ship within weeks

Building on their friendship of over a decade, in January of 2008 the pair struck up an effortless partnership designing jewelry out of a little studio in Northern California. 

The allure of ancient sculptural forms and subtle textures of surfaces in the natural world influence their work. These textured details in the metal work have been part of the brand's very soul since it’s inception, transforming aspects of the old into modern elegance that transcends time.


Type: Jewelry

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