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Hand Painted Silk Scarf VI


Lovely hand painted silk scarf with two images on each end. Striking black and white zebra stripes on one side contrasting with colorful flowers on the other. The scarf is tied in with a red border with black skulls. Scarf length: 26"x68"

Dreamluxe silk scarves are unisex. These fashionable silk scarves and wearable art can also be creatively worn as a skirt, sarong, bandana and can also be transformed into striking decorative wall hangings.

All silk scarves are one-of-a kind originals. Artistic license will be taken with all original reproductions, leaving the pattern and imagery the same, where colors may be subject to change. Shipping time ranges from 3 days to 4 weeks, leaving the artist ample time to create you an original artwork. Upon your order, we will call you to discuss whether your purchase is the scarf you see or an original reproduction. Thank you for understanding the creative process, and supporting the artist, Javier Granados. For any questions, please contact CreativeTeam@ArtUrbane.com, and we will respond within one business day.

This silk scarf is individually hand drawn, waxed with hot wax, hand painted with brilliant permanent French dyes, wax removed with boiling water and after this long process, the silk scarf edges are hand rolled and sewn.

Batik is a multi-step process that requires great care, technique and time. Each step takes a day or two depending on the design.

We pride ourselves in creating high quality work and technique with little or no mistakes only acquired through years of experience as Batik artists. But with any hand painted work of art there will always be signs that it was made by an artists hands which adds to it uniqueness and magic.

Cleaning Instructions
All scarves can be handwashed. Soak the scarf in lukewarm water with a mild soapy solution (Woolite). Rinse in clear, cool water until all the soap is gone. Roll up in a towel to remove moisture, then dry flat on a towel or on a padded hanger. Iron with a low-medium temp iron while still slightly damp or steam dry.

Type: Fashion

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