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Fold Ring, street walking

Lital Mendel

Folds by Lital Mendel is a series of jewelry made from paper that explores the idea of jewelry evoking memory. Primarily using photos, Lital folds the paper into beautiful, wearable shapes that contain something special. 

"Jewelry is supposed to be exciting; it can combine different materials, consist of many colors and can have outrageous shapes. Jewelry is and should be fun.

For me, jewelry is the embodiment of moments and memories. Jewelry has deep and personal meaning, and there is a sentimental story behind each piece. Jewelry often symbolizes an event or is given as an intimate gift or was passed on by inheritance. The constant touch of the jewelry on the body serves as a reminder of those memories and feelings.

Jewelry should make a statement, provoke thought and arouse emotion." - jewelry designer, Lital Mendel

This jewelry design is shipped from Israel. Please provide two (2) to four (4) weeks for production and shipping.

Type: Jewelry

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