Flex - Art Urbane




Like a flame, a living body that flickers and burns, Flex is a shape in continuous elastic movement. It lies peacefully down on itself, enclosing wood, books and magazines in an embrace, or arches decidedly to become a seat: its curves change direction to receive the tired

Flex is a sheet of hardened steel. Its particular "fabric effect" finish makes it look soft and silky. Its form moves continuously thanks to the particular technical characteristics of the steel used, and many different uses and applicable shapes can be obtained just by varying the arrangement of the connecting screws:  oval or flame-shaped. If necessary it can also be transformed into an unusual seat. Single modular sheet in three different shapes. Flex can become a holder for firewood, a magazine rack...

L50 W48 H70 cm, White or Black or Covered in pony skin (magazines holder included), Weight 8,00 Kg

Packaging: L93 W25 H49 cm

* Supplied in a ready-to assemble kitpasser-by

Type: Design

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