Ephemeral Necklace II - Art Urbane

Ephemeral Necklace II

Lital Mendel

e•phem•er•al, adjective: Lasting for a very short time.
The shape of the jewelry seems at first to be a whole, coherent construct. A closer look reveals the fragile delicacy of the thread wrapping the air. One careless moment, a single wrong movement, can crumple the jewelry and create crevices.
The tendency is to offhandedly reject whatever is deemed imperfect, transient or lacking, but the new object is no less whole than the original one. It allows new points of view and different relationships between the inner and outer spaces of the object.
The moment an object is declared whole or complete is chosen randomly. Nothing is perfect; everything is in a constant state of creation and deconstruction. That means that no single moment is more or less beautiful and meaningful than any other, which makes both the original object and the crumpled one equally "correct" at the present moment they are looked at.

This jewelry design is shipped from Israel. Please provide two (2) to four (4) weeks for production and shipping.


Type: Jewelry

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