302 Boss - Art Urbane

302 Boss

Ching Ching Cheng

Artist: Ching Ching Chang
Dimensions: 35”x 35” (with frame)
Media: Watercolor, Ink, Gouache on paper
Year: 2013


From the Artist:

I have been interested in science and engineering since I was little. Every summer break from junior high school I would visit and help out at my father’s factory in Taiwan. Hanging out at my Dad’s factory is one of my fondest childhood Memories. I couldn’t stop staring at those giant mechanical devices, and trying to figure out how they worked. Every part of each machine connected to another massive machine, moving and working smoothly together, just like a human body. While studying the human form I came see it as an incredible machine. Similar to the wonder that my father’s machines made me feel as a child, the human form fascinated me. Specific parts of the human form, like the organs, brain, and the way our bodies perceive the world around us are the focus of my work.

After moving to Los Angeles ten years ago, I realized that America has a huge culture formed around the automobile, especially in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles you can find any race of people, and the same goes for cars, there are all types of makes and models of cars from all over the world. You can fix and modify a car or a motorcycle as much as you want. Most of the people living in Los Angeles can’t live without a car. Cars became part of our life; part of our identity. Your car is not only your mode of transportation, but also your status. It is a representation of you.

Type: Fine Art

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