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What is your Weekly Success Formula?

Everyone has a different schedule and various commitments. BUT what we all have in common is our desire to succeed in a creative business in the arts. No matter your schedule, come up with your Weekly Success Formula and commit to it!

Consistent action creates consistent results. 

Here is a recommended Weekly Success Formula, you are welcome and encouraged to exceed these numbers, but we do not recommend anything lower than this formula: 

Weekly Success Formula 

1) Add at least 1 artist or designer (use Pocket to save them as you browse online)

 Max 5 minutes to locate artist, find artist email address and add to Artist Registry

 When you add an artist to Art Urbane, and other people sell the artist's work in their store, you receive 10% of gross profits. This is passive income. 

2) Schedule automation posts in your social media, 1 per day

 If you use an organizer like Pocket, this should take you 20 minutes to schedule all your social media posts for the week.

 Endless opportunity, you never know who will make a purchase!


3) Search for 5 pieces of creative content that inspire you, add it to pocket to schedule in your social media automation posts.  (use Pocket to save them as you browse online)

 Estimated 1 minute per content piece to search and save

 Endless opportunity, you never know who you will inspire to click through to your store and make a purchase!


4) Invite 2 people to join the Creative Network

 Estimated 5 minutes to login to your financial portal, and send your friends an email! 

 When you invite someone to Art Urbane, you will receive 5% of gross profit from ALL their store's sales. This is another passive income stream.  


Minimum time recommended: 35 Minutes Per Week

Create your Weekly Success Formula, and schedule a time each week to make it happen now!



"Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it."

Winston Churchill


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