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Q & A

How does Art Urbane define profit? How are my commissions calculated? 

Your commission with Art Urbane is from gross profit. We define gross profit as all monies after the costs of goods sold including the cost of shipping. The "costs of goods sold" is defined as the wholesale payment to the creator for the artwork or design.

For instance, if a ring sells for $100. We usually pay 50% ($50) to the creator and depending on the location and weight of the item sold 10% ($10) for shipping costs. Your percentage profit is of the remaining $40. 

Please know that shipping costs are one of our most uncontrollable variables. We at times run campaigns for Free Shipping, at which point we consume all the risks for shipping costs and margins decrease. 


What is the difference between starting my own brand or working with Art Urbane?

Imagine starting a business with already a willing and eager staff in place that runs operations, that's Art Urbane for your online business. Art Urbane was built to provide solutions to obstacles faced by solo-entrepreneurs trying to grow an eCommerce business. Most solo-entrepreneurs fail, because they don't have enough time and/or resources to grow. With Art Urbane, the work and focus is split: Art Urbane handles logistics, like shipping, legal, customer service, order fulfillment, accounting, artist on-boarding, etc. while you handle the online promotion. Art Urbane is here as your support staff, and we share in equal revenue with you.


Why are there costs involved in the Creative Ambassador and Entrepreneurism platforms? 

When you upload an artist to Art Urbane, we have real people reach out to the artist who are trained in business/legal procedure to represent and sell their work online. We also work for your customers and manage all shipping logistics, among many other operational tasks. We're real people working hard to help you! 

Do all artists on Art Urbane have a contract in place? 

Yes, under no circumstances do we sell an artwork or design on Art Urbane without business and legal parameters in place and the artists written consent. 

There have been previous business models we have experimented with that add work by artists and designers to a marketplace platform prior to their consent. Then upon a customer request to purchase, contact the artist or designer to initiate the sale. Due to the nature of art and design as a creation very personal and precious to the creator, we have opted to not undergo this supply model. 


Is this a multi-level marketing model? 

No. Ambassadors and entrepreneurs can make money on all the sales from the storefront of someone they have referred, which is a substantial passive income opportunity and a part of our collaborative model. But they do not make money on their referrals' referrals' referrals' referrals' ... to infinity ;) 


We are adding to this list all the time, and if you want us to add your question, please let us know! Contact CreativeTeam@ArtUrbane.com. 


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