Create, style & build your store! - Art Urbane

Create, style & build your store!


Once you are logged into Art Urbane, please follow the steps to create your store!


Step 1. In the Art Urbane Gallery, click on Products, then click on Collections.

Your store is a Collection of fine art and design products of your choosing from the Art Urbane product gallery. Your collection will also hold the artworks and designs you bring to Art Urbane, which other Creative Entrepreneurs can choose to add to their Collection. You make money when items sell from your collection AND when your artists' and designers' works are sold on other Collections in Art Urbane. Pretty cool, huh?


Step 2. In the top right corner, click "Add Collection"



Step 3. In the title, type in the name of your store. Then either select to add manual products to your store or you can choose to add an entire  group based on the conditions. Watch the video to see this in action. 


NOTE: When you add a collection to your product store, you cannot delete some of the products in that collection - if you delete products, we have to re-add them on the backend!

We recommend adding in bulk by the vendor name or by adding by individual title. 


Step 4. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page, and find the blue link at the right bottom corner and click on "Edit Website SEO".  


Input the title and a description about your store.


Step 5: Add Your Affiliate Link to Your Store (very important!)

Go back to your Financial Portal tab, log back in if necessary. In the middle of the page, you will see Your Referral Link.

Highlight the handle that is highlighted in blue below.




Place that code as the handle in the URL box. Now, anytime a sell occurs on your collection page, it is tracked and you will receive compensation!! 

Now, browse the Art Urbane website, and copy and paste names of products into your Collection page, and they will appear for sale!  


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