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Creative Beneficiaries

Art Urbane is Art for Art: a free fundraising, sponsorship and membership acceleration platform for creative organizations. We leverage the booming eCommerce industry selling art and design to help increase memberships and donations to non-profits.


I. Be Selected as a Creative Beneficiary of Art Urbane

Creative Beneficiaries are organizations selected by Art Urbane as beneficiaries of Art Urbane sales to interior designers, art collectors and individual and commercial buyers. Your logo would appear on our website, newsletters, social media outlets and marketing materials to buyers for them to select your organization as the Creative Beneficiary of their purchase.

The buyer and patron then gets to advertise to their professional network that they are an Art Urbane Patron, which creates an increased word of mouth about your organization.


II. Instant Online Gallery Store

At no cost, Art Urbane is an instant gallery store for your organization, where we share revenues with you! We pride ourselves in our art and design collections, viewing each item as a singular artistic creation in an online gallery.

Our affiliate nonprofits receive a "Shop" tab to place within their website's navigation. The "Shop" tab has an embedded tracking system, where the nonprofit receives large revenues from all purchases made through the Shop link. We design a revenue share model that is best in line with each organization, and we use the best technological platform for tracking links. You will receive access to a cloud-based account, where your organization can view all the clicks from your website to Art Urbane and the purchases made. We believe transparency is key to a successful relationship.

We also showcase your organization on our website, where customers can select it as a beneficiary of their purchase. Click here to see how your page may look to customers. Quality in brand representation and maintaining the consistent message of your organization is of up-most importance to us.


III. Marketing to Increase Memberships, Sell Event Tickets or Boost Donations

RINSE and REPEAT!  Listen, we "social gift" our customers, meaning, they receive pleasure from buying an awesome object AND participating in your mission, whether that is through a renewed membership, a ticket to an event or a magazine subscription. The buyer receives something from you for free, and we pay for it. Which is great! It grows your following and membership base.


IV. Sponsorship Support and A Commercial Network 

Due to our wide range of collections in fine art and furniture, we sell to businesses, restaurants and hotels. Many of these clients may be interested in sponsoring your organization or event by way of their purchase and the percent of the donation we allocate to your organization. Our hope is they continue on as a sponsorship partner for your organization, and therefore, we select sponsorship packages to promote that abide by select criteria. 


V. Art Urbane Discount: Membership Benefits

Include in your membership package discounts to all Art Urbane collections. We customize discount packages to meet your specific need and target audience. 


Why We Exist 

We believe in collaboration. Spending our lives bringing art to the world and supporting the social efforts of 1,000's of people is our ideal business model come true. Passion drives us, and our mission is to create a phenomenal platform to help artists sell art and non-profits keep their doors wide open.

We are often asked, "What's the catch?" ... None. A great business solves problems and survives not by sneaking in fees, but by truly being of value and service. Our aim is to serve you and revel in the art made, designs constructed and the social good provided by your organization.


Moving Forward

Contact us.


We schedule a brainstorming session of no more than 15 minutes to understand your mission, target market and how we can work for you. Moving forward, we select artworks and designs perfectly suited to your audience. Then we design and propose an online advertisement for your non-profit. We truly love what we do.

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