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Untitled VI, Around the World aka A-T-W 1957

Gleb Derujinsky

fashion photographer, Gleb Derujinsky (1878-1975)

Museum quality archival prints made from negatives

Gleb Derujinsky's (1878-1975) photography is iconic of an era in fashion and photography. Derujinsky was one of the most sought after fashion photographers from 1950 to 1970. Considered one of the first photographers to take fashion out of the studio, Derujinsky shot for Esquire, Look, Life, Glamour, Town and Country, The New York Times Magazine and ultimately, exclusively for Harper’s Bazaar. His work with the top fashion designers, publicists and models of his time mark Gleb Derujinsky as one of the most iconic fashion photographers in our life time.

Apart of the collection, Around the World aka A-T-W 1957

15 x 15, Limited Edition of 25

20 x 20, Limited Edition of 25

30 x 30, Limited Edition 10

40 x 40, Limited Edition 5

50 x 50, Limited Edition 5

Type: Fine Art

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