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Zerino is unobtrusive to the eye and useful when needed. Thin and graceful, it cleverly fits the strategic points of the house by adapting to different environments, with personality but without intrusiveness. Its content tells stories that are always different, from the magic of fire to the pleasure of reading.

Zerino is a table composed of two steel discs with a space in the centre for a storage compartment. It can be used as a table, to hold magazines or books and, with the special bioethanol fire kit, it offers a focal point. For internal and external use, with "fabric effect" finish for a soft and silky appearance.

Steel, 9"h x 47"w x 9"l, 132 Ibs

KIT (sold separately), Bioethanol burner, Capacity: 2.5 litres, Weight 4 Kg

* Supplied in a ready-to assemble kit

Type: Design

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