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Cruise Downtown

Kendall Starr

Kendall Starr


“For me, the impact of human influence is most easily recognized from above, and it's often an impressive sight. In this case, crowds of people from a crowded New York City crowd into a getaway vessel to reflect on life as they pass by the beautiful skyline. Or maybe just to party.” – Kendall Starr

Flawless in creative execution, Kendall Starr began his career in photography as a commercial pilot towing banners in Miami, Florida. His keen eye for design, pattern and passion for the aerial aesthetic brought to life images grander than life that freeze moments from heights and on the ground rich in perspective and design. 

24 x 16, $250, Edition of 200 

36 x 24, $500, Edition of 75

54 x 36, $2,000, Edition of 25

60 x 40, $3,000, Edition of 10

72 x 48, $4,500, Edition of 5

Type: Fine Art

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