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Suspended Variations

Sandra E. Lauterbach

Bright cotton fabrics are pieced together to form the irregularly shaped "Suspended Variations". The shapes are unique and detailed. The quilted lines add to the richness of the piece. The wooden dowel placed in the sleeve attached to the back of the piece is hung on nails.


Dimensions: 25"W x 20"H

Biography and Story

"Thread, fabrics and yarn are my paints.  Instead of brushstrokes, I stitch.  My stitching is done primarily via sewing machine – an instrument emblematic of the female role. I see strength and power in the stitch and feel its history; it is a way of leaving a print to be remembered, beckoning you to take a second look.  The sewing machine is transformed into an artistic tool that I use to create contemporary art." 

Sandra’s eye and tactile sense were initially developed through exposure to the fabrics printed by her parents’ company, Alexander Henry Fabrics, Inc. She maintained her involvement in her parents’ efforts while taking art classes at Pomona College, attending USC Law School and during her employment at major corporations and law firms. She has taken art classes at Otis College of Art and Design, UCLA Extension, and Brentwood Art Center. 

Type: Fine Art

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