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Kunzite and Fancy Diamond Cocktail Ring

Shins Gold

Kunzite and Fancy Diamond Cocktail Ring

CENTERPIECE: 52.20CT Natural Kunzite (Approximately 24 x 20MM)
Color: Charm Pink
Clarity: Type 1; VVS
Treatment: Heat Treated

DIAMONDS: 2.5CT Total Diamond (1.75ct Round Diamond, 0.75ct Baguette Diamond)
Cut: Baguette & Round
Color: F-G
Clarity: VS

METAL: 17.7G 14K White Gold


Named after gemologist George Frederick Kunz, it’s discovery only dates back to 1902. Native to California, the gemstone was first discovered in San Diego. Because of its enchanting pink color and great clarity, it quickly rose to fame becoming a favorite of many avid gemstone collectors. The more intense and vivid the pink color, the more valuable the kunzite. Kunzite is a September birthstone.    

As it is called the “evening” gemstone, too much exposure to heat and light can make the color of the kunzite fade. Please store kunzite jewelry in a closed jewelry box when it is not being worn. The hardness of the gemstone is between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, so do not wear kunzite jewelry if you’re doing gardening or any extreme sports. Kunzite jewelry should be handled delicately and given appropriate care as fine jewelry.


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Type: Jewelry

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