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Geometric Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, Unisex

Shins Gold

Geometric Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, Unisex

CENTERPIECE: 3.08CT Cushion Tanzanite (Approximately 8X8mm)
Color: Blue
Treatment: Heat Treated
Clarity: Type 1; Eye Clean

DIAMONDS: 0.95CT Round Diamond
Cut: Round
Color: F-G
Clarity: VS

METAL: 19.0G 14K White Gold

SETTING: Channel & Bezel

Discovered in 1967, it gained its popularity largely due the promotional efforts of Tiffany and Company. In fact, Tiffany named “Tanzanite” after the country of origin, Tanzania. Tanzanite’s rich, blue color makes it a great alternative to blue sapphires. However, the true uniqueness of these precious gemstones lies with its exceptional pleochroism, which allows for the Tanzanite to exhibit multiple changes of color when rotated. Tanzanite is a December birthstone. 

Tanzanite is a softer gemstone compared to a Ruby or Sapphire. It should be worn with care. Please take the ring off if you are doing any manual work or household chores. When cleaning a tanzanite, use lukewarm soap water and rinse thoroughly. Do NOT dip it in ultrasonic cleaners for it will break.


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Type: Jewelry

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