Dolphin Circle: Edition #2 of 10 - Art Urbane

Dolphin Circle: Edition #2 of 10

Mallory Morrison

"Working with the synchronized swimming group, Aquateque was so magical. Their grace, their athleticism, and their communication was amazing to watch and document. Two of the women are actually identical twins.

I wanted to collaborate with them to create imagery that showcased there skills from underwater and was different than other synchronized swimming imagery. This formation is called a “Dolphin Circle” and they are rotating clockwise, each taking a turn to breathe once they reach the top."

-artist, Mallory Morrison

The image is printed on archival Canson Platine paper. Trimmed with a 1"-2" boarder for framing. This is a limited edition, signed and numbered on the back of the print. Certificate of authenticity is numbered and signed.

Photography: Digital on Paper

24"H x 24"W

Type: Fine Art

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