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Creative Ambassador Success Formula

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What is your Success Formula?

Everyone has a different schedule and various commitments. What we all have in common is our desire to succeed in a creative business in the arts. No matter your schedule, come up with your weekly Success Formula and commit to a day in your calendar that you will get the most done, and stick to it!

Remember, consistent action creates consistent results. 

Here is our recommended Success Formula, you are welcome and encouraged to exceed these numbers, but we do not recommend anything lower than this formula: 

Weekly Success Formula

Click on each line to refresh the where, how, what and when. 

1) Contact at least 5 artists or designers

2) Invite 1 person to join the Creative Network


 Tip: We recommend you schedule one day a week to devote a few hours to completing your Success Formula. Throughout the week, we recommend you use a technology like Pocket to find and tag creative content to post on your social media and artists and designers to contact on your Work Day!


Create your Success Formula and write it in your calendar now!




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