ART FOR ART - Art Urbane


What if creative projects and non-profit organizations could benefit from the booming eCommerce market?

Art Urbane turns an online sale into an increase in memberships and subscriptions for our most loved charitable organizations and art projects. We strive to offer a unique and superb collection of fine art, design and decorative arts from independent artists, designers and galleries around the world, where a unique purchase supports a creative, cultural project or non-profit in the buyer's city.

Secondly, our core mission is to turn "being an artist" into a lucrative, rewarding profession for artists and designers.

Art Urbane believes the world is deserving of monumental works of art, thriving non-profits and artists that together support the social, economic and cultural fabric of each city, state and country.

"Stand In Awe Instead of In Judgement..."

OOMO, Out Of Many One
Artist, Nicole Maloney
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