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Week Two: Add Artists to your Artist Portfolio!

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Set-up your Artist Portfolio! 

Once an artist signs, upload the artworks to your creative portfolio!




STEP ONE: Set-Up Your Portfolio!

1. When you signed up, you received an email from us in your inbox titled, "Create staff account".  Just open the email and click "ACCEPT" to get started!

2. Once you accept our invite, you will be directed to a new page to create your Art Urbane account. Fill out the form, and make sure to use the same email address From Step 1. Once you're done, you will be redirected to Art Urbane's Storefront and Product Gallery. 



STEP TWO: Once an artist is signed, upload the art and design to Art Urbane!

a. Login to Art Urbane, and click "Products" in the left side column

b. Then in the right corner, click "Add Product"

c. Add the title, description, images, variants and price. We will enter all other information, such as, tags and product type. Please watch the video below for more information. 

* Price: Connect with the artist to make sure you are entering the retail price!
* Vendor: Located in the right column under "Organization". Vendor is the artists name.

WATCH Video: Add Art + Design to Your Store

Click here for login details!

Portfolio Store Login - For security reasons, we do not process automatic password resets. To reset your password, please contact CreativeTeam@ArtUrbane.com.


ADD VARIANTS to artwork pages (different sizes, colors, etc...) 


A gentle warning: Please note that we carefully track all actions - we are aware when updates are made to products and when products and collections are created and deleted. We have a reliable, constant back-up of the entire network, and we can restore the network at any time in case of any harmful activity.  

Any behavior that affects the community negatively is grounds for immediate termination and possible legal action against you. Our network is based on trust through transparency. We take protecting our network, artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs very seriously.  





Add artists to your portfolio now!



If you have any questions, please contact CreativeTeam@arturbane.com.


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