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Opal and Diamond Ring

Shins Gold

Opal and Diamond Ring

CENTERPIECE: 6.4CT Natural Opal (Approximately: 17.5x12mm Oval)
Color: Excellent Play of Color
Clarity: Type 1; Opaque
Treatment: None

DIAMONDS: 0.52CT Round Diamond
Cut: Round
Color: F-G
Clarity: VS

METAL: 9.3G 14k Yellow Gold


Opals contain the universe with them mirroring the milky galaxy and its flashes of color. Greeks believed opals to be the tears of Zeus and prized them more than diamonds. They also believed the wearer of opals would gain success in war, business, and life. This precious stone is an October birthstone, perfectly paired with the month, considering that it contains all the colors of fall.  

Clean your opal with a soft brush or cloth with mild detergent. Do NOT ever place it in ultra-sonic water. Opals score around 6.5 on the Mohs scale so treat it with care to avoid damaging it. Do not do anything too laborious while wearing opal jewelry. Also, avoid very high temperature or low humidity extremes. 


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Type: Jewelry

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