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Pink Tourmaline and Marquise Diamond Cocktail Ring

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Pink Tourmaline and Marquise Diamond Cocktail Ring

CENTERPIECE: 4.5CT Natural Pink Tourmalines
Color: Hot Electric Pink
Clarity: Type 3; SI  
Treatment: None

DIAMONDS: 3.09CT Marquise Diamond
Cut: Marquise
Color: F-G
Clarity: SI

METAL: 14K White Gold


Tourmalines, the rainbow gemstone, not only comes in a wide array of colors, but sometimes even more than one color exists in one gemstone.  An old Egyptian legend has it that the gemstone passed over a rainbow along its journey from the center of the Earth to the surface, acquiring all of its magnificent colors.  Amongst the most expensive in the family of tourmalines is the Paraiba tourmalines and pink tourmalines.  Pink tourmalines are generally found with inclusions. These inclusions are also an indicator that the tourmalines have not been treated. Tourmalines are known to assist in relieving stress, increase circulation in the body, and having detoxifying effects.


Tourmalines score 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale.  Clean with warm, soapy water but do not place it in ultrasonic or steam cleaners.


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Type: Jewelry

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