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Esmeralda Ruiz

Esmeralda Ruiz

Pigeon Point, California

Esmeralda Ruiz's photography is inspired by a vivid dream when she was declared lifeless during surgery. At that moment, she dreamed. She describes the beginning of her dream as "a wonderful world where the air was crisp and refreshing, with all of its flowers in bloom, my journey begins down a path with little yellow homes on each side." Ruiz's photography seeks to capture and recreate the vivid journey and etheral, joyful qualities of the world of her dream. 

Archival Digital Print On Moab Lasal Matte Paper or Archival Digital Print On Canvas (Wrap Around) No Frame

Editions of Ten 

10 x 10, Moab Lasal, $400, Canvas, $600  

16 x 16, Moab Lasal, $800, Canvas, $1200  

20 x 20, Moab Lasal, $1200, Canvas, $1800  

30 x 30, Moab Lasal, $2000, Canvas, $3400  

40 x 40, Moab Lasal, $3400, Canvas, $4800  

45 x 45, Moab Lasal, $5000

Type: Fine Art

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