Vermont Bench - Art Urbane

Vermont Bench

Patrick Cain Designs

The Vermont bench or coffee table is simplicity at is finest. The ultra clean design is simple, one slab of pine all the way around. You can literally trace the grain from the bottom of one leg, across the top and down to the other, that’s clean design.

But what makes the Vermont a bit different is how stable it is. Underneath the bench is a countersunk hidden steel skeleton. For the bench to break, you first need to break steel, so give it as much weight and rocking as you want… it’s not going anywhere.

As with nearly all my wood products this pine tree was reclaimed after being downed for some other reason. If I didn’t take it, it would have been headed to a wood chipper. The Los Angeles Urban forest is surprisingly thick, but not limitless, so upcycling is important.

The bench/coffee table is: 52″L x 16″W x 18″H


Type: Furnishing

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