Frisco End Table - Art Urbane

Frisco End Table

Patrick Cain Designs

The Frisco cube is 17″ in all directions with a steel top that’s been aged to bring out it’s darker tones and to match the legs. The cub legs are 1/2″ steel tubing. The ‘Frisco cube is light weight, portable and modular. One alone is a great side table. Two next to each other, and you have a mid-sized coffee  table. Three in a row, a longer coffee table. While four, displayed as a 2"×2" square, fills a space with the raw industrial look perfect for a brick and cement filled loft.


17 x 17 x 17 in

10 Ibs - Weight

24 x 24 x 18 in

The ‘Frisco cube is 17.5″ in all directions with an welded, aged steel top and a 1/2″ steel tube frame.

Please allow up to two to six weeks for production and delivery.

Type: Furnishing

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