Classy Sectional Sofa, Chair and Ottoman - Art Urbane

Classy Sectional Sofa, Chair and Ottoman

Art Urbane

Relax in luxury with the Cosmopolitan Sectional Sofa Set. Use as a stunning set for lounges, weddings, special events or formal living rooms. Upholstered in a soft beige velour fabric with quilted crystal tufted backing with rounded edges and a gradually curved design all make this set glamorous and sophisticated. Modular pieces allow for customization and flexibility. Set includes the large sectional, sofa chair and ottoman.

Dimension: From Left to Right:
                        2 Seater: W78" x D40" x H35"
                        3 Seater: W88" x D43" x H35"
                        1 Seater: W50" x D38" x H35"
                        Sofa overall: W189" x D61" x H35"
                        Seat Height: 17" Round Loveseat: W63" x D63" x H38"
                        Ottoman: D40" x H16.5"

This design may be available in multiple colors and customizeable anywhere from upholstery to frame modification. Please contact, and we will be in touch with 24 hours.

This is a special order, please provide up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Type: Furnishing

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