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Coronado Bridge II

Alex Baltov Photography

Coronado Bridge at dusk seen through the pink Belt of Venus, and paralleling the darker blue Earth's shadow on the horizon. The still waters of the San Diego bay form a mirror-like surface, reflecting the true beauty of this iconic San Diego landmark.

"Girders of the steel superstructure are painted blue to harmonize with the predominant color of the sky, bay, and sea." - Alex Baltov


Inspired by the ocean, Alex Baltov is a fine art photographer based in San Diego, CA.

Fine Art Archival Print and Canvas Wrap Options:

8" x 12" Fine Art Print, $100
12" x 18" Fine Art Print, $120
16" x 24" Fine Art Print, $185
20" x 30" Fine Art Print, $275
16" x 24" Canvas Wrap, $700
20" x 30" Canvas Wrap, $910
24" x 36" Canvas Wrap, $1,190


Type: Fine Art

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