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Rondo is a refuge from the breeze of spring evenings or shelter from the cold of winter afternoons. Rondo is a wood fireplace for outdoor use with supporting structure in steel and round stone sitting.

Rondo is the cradle of the fire and sweet solace: its metal holds the flames, its stone the onlookers. The natural elements of fire and stone are simply combined together with a modern design, thanks to technology and craftsmanship. Sculpturesque furnishing element, Rondo lives in every outdoor situation where an important stage presence is required.

It is provided with a closing disk that covers the combustion chamber, so as to prevent residual material getting out in the event of rain or wind. If necessary, it can also become a comfortable supporting base. The natural chromatic variations of stone are a guarantee of uniqueness.

Santafiora trachyte stone, Steel, H 32.5 cm, Naturalm Weight 700 Kg

Packaging: L162 W67 H78 cm, L140 W140 H42 cm

KIT (sold separately): Grill 94 cm, Stainless steel

The Santafiora trachyte is a versatile, elegant and precious stone suitable for every kind of work, and it has its natural application in interior design.

It's a fine and rare stone forged millions of years ago, coloured with nut tones and with mild and warm pinkish nuances.

Santafiora trachyte, thanks to its chromatism, gives the sight a unique effect, maintaining an oneness that just a natural stone can give in the environment wherein it's used. Certified for its technical-mechanical features, it doesn't suffer from the outside agents as smog, frost, acid rains and saltiness.

Type: Design

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